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Weird Superstitions in the Gambling World: Top 4

The world of gambling is the world of luck. When fortune plays a decisive role in your winning chances, a lot of players across the world are looking for ways to attract it. Besides, there are a lot of superstitions and weird rituals of players. Here are some of them.


Four Weirdest Superstitions and Rituals

Gamblers lure fortune with amulets, lucky figures, special dances, secret gestures, and rituals. We have made up a selection of the rituals that they perform to attract good luck in casinos.

  1. Chinese Players & Baccarat

In the East, people have a special attitude towards good fortune, so local players in Chinese Macau are easily noticed due to special rituals. The Chinese love to bend cards so that under no circumstances, the same cards are used in the next game. The new deck of cards increases the players’ chances of success since these cards do not carry information about previous games. Also, the Chinese believe that a successful player can share his or her luck with others. If the visitor wins in baccarat, the others place side bets on him, if the visitor loses, they place bets on the dealer.

  1. Slot Games Rituals

Gamblers who prefer video slots to card games are no less superstitious. There are visitors who, after each loss, take out the credit card from the one-armed bandit and reinsert it into the slot machine. They believe that due to this action, the machine would perceive them as a new player, which would increase the chances of getting the jackpot.

Another unusual visitor brought a live cricket in a small glass bottle to the casino. Every time a player got free spins, he put his talisman on the slot machine and left it there until the free spins ended.

  1. Winning Dance

Seeing a weird person in a casino is not surprising. However, seeing a person dancing an unknown strange dance is not so commonplace. Some players believe in the magic possibilities of special dance movements to attract good luck and increase their chances to win.

  1. Cigarette

Sammy Farha, a famous poker player, has an unlit cigarette as his lucky mascot. The holder of several WSOP titles has never been a heavy smoker, but the taste of tobacco in his mouth and “magic smoke” soothes him in crucial moments, brings fortune, and helps him win.

One can believe in numerous rituals before the game, while others just come and hit a jackpot. Who knows which system works better. The most important is to enjoy the process and not to be too frustrated even if you lose.

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