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Paying by Credit Card in Casinos: Still Popular?

Since April 2018, UK gamblers cannot top up their casino deposits with credit cards. The government made this decision to prevent the spread of gambling addiction during the pandemic. However, foreign casinos not on GamStop still accept credit cards. If a UK customer signs up for a platform that is registered abroad, they will be able to use this payment method freely.

How Can You Find a Casino That Accepts Credit Cards and Welcomes UK Players

Not all foreign platforms might be ready to register customers who self-excluded in their homeland. Yet plenty of online casinos would not mind doing so. Try to choose a licensed and credible project. Unlicensed casinos welcome everyone — but there are no guarantees that they play fair and honestly pay out the winnings. Check independent casino ratings, read expert reviews and ask your friends for advice. And of course, always check all the information that third parties tell you about the casino on its official website.

You Can Use Only Your Credit Card and No One Else’s

When verifying your account, you might need to take a picture of your credit card. Plus, the administration might ask you to take a selfie with the card that you are planning to use for gambling. You will not need to reveal its full number — just the first and last four digits. And of course, you will not need to show the CVV. This proves that you use your own funds to make stakes and have a sufficient income to afford such type of entertainment.

Most Likely, You Will Need to Use the Same Card for Top-Ups and Withdrawals

This is a widespread measure that prevents money laundering and other types of frauds. Be careful because, in some casinos, certain payment methods might work only in one direction — that is, for deposits but not withdrawals. You might need to discuss the optimal withdrawal solution with customer support.

Be Ready to Pay a Fee for Using the Card

When you check the Banking section of a casino’s site, it might tell you that there are no fees for financial transactions. It means only one thing: the casino does not charge commissions for its services. Yet you will need to pay a fee to the organization that issued your credit card. To get to know the exact amount of this fee, you should get in touch with the issuer.

Credit Cards Often Feature Higher Minimum Limits for Deposits and Withdrawals

And lower maximum limits for withdrawals. If you hit a jackpot, you will need to split it into several transactions and pay a fee for each one.

Withdrawals Might Take Up to 1 Week

The same can be said about debit cards. Because of meticulous checks, cards are among the slowest withdrawal methods. Only bank transfers might be slower.


If you want to top up your casino deposit with a credit card, sign up for a gambling platform that is registered outside the UK. It might accept you even if you self-excluded in GamStop.

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