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Mobile Gambling: Forecast for the Upcoming 5 Years

The tendency of growth in the share of mobile traffic in the world cannot remain unnoticed. After all, many have already switched to targeting exclusively for mobile devices, which has resulted from higher activity, CR, and final ROI.

To a greater extent, this affected those who work with gambling, betting, dating. In these fields, mobile applications were able to truly change the market by providing a convenient format that greatly simplifies work and improves traffic quality due to the ability to communicate with the user.


Prospects of Mobile Gambling in the Nearest Future

According to forecasts from many experts, mobile gambling will continue growing. Following the Research and Markets analytical agency in 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the global gambling market is estimated at $79.5 billion. By 2027, we expect that the market volume will grow to $250.4 billion.

The share of mobile gambling in the industry is 42.6%. And this indicator has been demonstrating stable growth for 5 years. Some gambling operators claim that mobile traffic makes a major part of their companies’ income.

If you have thought that the gambling hype would pass, then you are going to be surprised. In the coming years, it will only increase leading to the improvement of services and quality of games for mobile devices. This is what will contribute to the growth:

  • Every year the online casino market continues to break new records and adapt to consumer demand. 
  • Under the pandemic conditions, the organizers of large offline poker tournaments, like many organizers of arbitration conferences, have decided to conduct them online. And this model is convenient in its own way and is in demand, which means it will also develop.
  • Users continue to spend more and more time with their gadgets, connecting all new areas of life online, which means that the influx of new players will only grow, especially in the mobile segment.
  • Gambling operators see this and do their best to make their products as convenient as possible for use on mobile devices, engage users and earn more — they are working on design, adaptability, game speed on all platforms, etc.


What Are the Pitfalls?

Undeniably, those who are fond of online gambling are satisfied with the forecast for mobile casinos. The more popular a niche is, the more competitors there will be. This will improve the quality of services, gameplay, etc. However, such a growth in the number of mobile casinos may be evidence of the increasing problem related to gambling addiction. 

Therefore, if you are a fan of online casinos, have several apps installed on your cell phone, and you love spending time in casinos, track the amount of time and money spent. Use special tracking apps for this. If there are no reasons for worries, then, you may continue. Otherwise, it is worth limiting the time and money or even consulting with a specialist. After all, gambling should bring fun, excitement, and some money.

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