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Bitcoin and Blockchain in Gambling: How Profitable It Is

Bitcoin and blockchain technologies are actively penetrating new markets from the traditional financial sector to the entertainment industry. This truly disruptive technology not only comes into a business and becomes an integral part of it but also provides entrepreneurs with new opportunities and changes the essence of traditional business models.

The industry of gambling has not become an exception. Online casinos have been actively expanding their activity over the last decade. New technologies have been successfully introduced, and now there are hundreds or probably even thousands of crypto casinos. What are their advantages over more traditional ones? Let us figure this out.



This is one of the most common reasons mentioned by users of crypto casinos. The possibility to remain anonymous or not disclose sensitive information about oneself is essential for users. Most online casinos require the user to verify the identity of the ID or the obligatory linking of a bank account with its further verification. Not everyone wants to share their personal data, and some simply do not have such an opportunity, after all, the Internet and bureaucracy is not the most reliable combination.



One bitcoin equals 100 million satoshis and this property of bitcoin to be divided into small parts is beneficial in the case of cryptocurrency casinos. And it’s not just about smaller bets. You can easily play with as much as 0.00001000 BTC (1,000 satoshis). Thus, crypto casinos are great not only for hunters for a big jackpot but also for those who just want to play their favourite games without spending too much money.


High Competition

The below factors contribute to the popularity of crypto casinos:

  • Launching a crypto casino is not that expensive. This means that the competition in this market is strong enough, which makes bitcoin casinos really fight for their customers.
  • The most popular and long-existing online casinos usually offer more traditional payment methods. Thus, crypto casinos need to lure their clients with impressive service, not just a different currency.

This makes bitcoin casinos constantly improve the quality of services and individual work with each customer. It is in this industry that the services that put customer comfort at the forefront will achieve success.


The Volatility of the Currency

The favourite property of bitcoin is its high volatility. For players, if the price of bitcoin rises, this is an obvious and pleasant bonus. No one will refuse the benefits of gaining a profit from the increase in the cryptocurrency rate.


Modern Technologies in a Casino

It is worth emphasizing that by choosing a bitcoin casino instead of a traditional gambling establishment, you support new technologies and encourage their development and distribution. Besides, by default, you become a part of one of the most interesting and active Internet communities.


Final Say!

All in all, the most crucial in gambling is having fun and the possibility to win some money. While the choice of the currency depends on a user. The benefits of blockchain and bitcoin technology cannot be denied, though. If you like being in the forefront, then crypto casinos are for you.

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